F.W. 16/17 Collection

The starting points of the new B-Sex line by Liborio Capizzi are the basic tenet of street.
The most memorable, dependable metropolitan uniforms. Trenchcoats, biker jackets, puffy down jackets, pea coats, military jackets. Also hoodies, work shirts, orange worksite vests with reflecting bands.

Ordinary men’s apparel in woven or knitted woolen cloth, poplin, jersey or fleeced cotton jersey.
Cheap clothes sold everywhere and made of technological materials, ecoleather, synethic canvas or nylon mesh. Emblems of today that Liborio recycles and transforms, takes apart and overlaps, recuts, grafts, slits and studies in the models of this first B-Sex collection.

A genderless fashion that becomes a monument to reuse. A loop-de-look of styles that pursue one another interminably, always different, deconstructed and reconstructed, revised and renewed by cutouts, splits, rotations, slashes, doubling ups… The look is invariably dark, with the shadings, patina and infinite reflections of bright and dull black, stonewashed and lacquered, all the same or broken up, illuminated and colored by perforations, transparencies, heavy embroidery and bold strokes of white, khaki or fluorescence.

It is a look that chops up, divides and reattaches different elements to one another, parts of army and navy coats, uniforms for road work, house cleaning or body training. It is a look that, with provoking intensity, communicates the subversive, abrasive quality of punk rock played at top volume, making fun of fashion, its cults of the unique and unrepeatable, its sexual and sexist commonplaces. It turns fashion into a destabilizing, ironic and utterly free syntax, a heterogeneous flow of references that return over and over again, meeting and penetrating, contaminating and reproducing themselves.

A contemporary system in which there is nothing left to create or destroy. An androgynous fashion, one size fits all, that takes what is already there, rediscovers it, dismantles it and reassembles it according to new patterns, experimenting and inventing with playful provocation, in a never-ending series of reconfigurations. It is absolutely open to self-expression, and can be interpreted ads masculine of feminine, at will.
Chosen, assembled, interpreted in different keys, to suit the wearer’s own personality.