A.W. 2017/18 Collection


The paradox of two parallel lines destined by their geometry never to meet if not in an imaginary point in infinity. This is the metaphor for two traditional wardrobes created for different uses and different occasions: where - in their ideal impact at the meeting point - techno-sportswear and dandy sartorial apparel burst apart and reunite with thrilling reciprocal support, one fascinating and esthetically sophisticated and the other comfortable-functional, to generate a wardrobe with a deep-rooted punk soul, apparently traditional in its bohemian taste but produced with the technological spirit of sports apparel.

A play of glossy and dull blacks contrasts sharply with candid whites and pitch blacks. Techno-fleece takes center stage as the key material in this menswear collection by DILIBORIO. For fall-winter 2017-2018 Liborio Capizzi uses technical fleece made with wool as the internal root, sometimes concealed but often in plain sight, on garments of different types produced externally in smooth silk velvet, sometimes, or embroidered as in the case of the nylon raincoat with giant floral designs. Cotton corduroy is sheared or finished with broad ribs in thick broadcloth cut raw for the coats or with plated denim for the pants, both treated with a fine buffing technique reserved generally for the universe of jeans to create the softness of the worn visual aspect.