A.W. 2015/16 Collection


“Mystic synaesthesia”, the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection by diLIBORIO, brand created by the genius fashion designer Liborio Capizzi, is a touching intimist tale talking about the sacredness of lines and opening the way to the acquisition of new senses and perceptions that depict the contemporary elegance, a solemn, libertine and libertarian ritual of the self which becomes experience. The mysticism dialogues with sensuality.

The dialectics of one and the many is the paradigm to create architectures under the sign of uniqueness, experimentation and sartorialism. One is the paper pattern, the shaping medium of many garments having different shapes, depending on the creative force of moment and silent complicity of cloth. Instead different are the materials that are combined and overlapped between themselves, resulting from a creative dare between the matter and spirit or rather the fashion designers, demiurge of making who shapes it, a Platonic approach starting from the hyperuranium, the world of ideas and coming to the world of reality.

A “Sturm und Drang”, storm and urge, evoking old, dark and unusual Romantic landscapes where the lightness of silk gazar, jersey and organza, meets the impalpable cotton tulle, giving rise to a successful alchemy of matter, embodied in constructions where it shines the fluidity, dynamism and refinement. Coats, jackets, shirts and long shirts draw an algid, austere and incisive femininity where gothic-romantic signs are light tracks, interpreted by the creative in a sartorial rock fashion, emphasized by shades of white, black and pink flesh as well as tartan and metallic effects creating games of lights on the cloths.

The conceptual rigor becomes religion and the precious details of creations reveal the deep belonging to the excellence of made in Italy. A mystic synaesthesia, sulphurous atmosphere joining the holy and profane, will feature in “Mystic runaway”, the fashion show by diLIBORIO which will be held on Saturday 28 February 2015 in Milan, at the Sciences and Tecnology Museum, at 10 pm. The emotion and visceral element of tale turns into an experiential tableaux vivant. It’s sounds and visions where the coral lyricism coming from the private becomes public, universal and intelligible.

That magic mix made of women and men, faces, thoughts and feelings impressed in the Liborio’s private and intimate dimension finds a new context and tells about itself in the catwalk. A story shedding light on that strong connection made of divine synchronism which joined and joins him in terms of creativity, passion, expression and sharing as well as personal and professional exchange to renowned personas and Italian and foreigner celebrities, an elite coming from the mainstream and underground scene of fashion, design, film, music and television, turned into the protagonists of a nocturnal performative interlude which also will be celebrated with a party.


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