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A.W. 2016/17 Collection

Genders that meet and clash, that refuse and attract one another in a perverse, exciting, explosive game of threat and seduction.

Two extreme worlds of erotic impact with codified, vintage, extreme ways of dressing.
Opposite identities of style on a collision course, overwhelmed and overcome by a fatal attraction, an all-encompassing, totalizing, brutal passion that annihilates and disintegrates, then redesigns them.

They merge in an embrace that mingles, overlaps, tangles and alters bodies, distinctive traits, flavors and non-colors. The classical-formal look of the sartorial men’s jacket in warm camel cashmere, the fresh pinstripe of wool stiffened, bonded and shaped with neoprene, like the fancy sweatshirt the takes the shape of the tailor’s dummy, at the antipodes from the whispering silk organza of the resurrected shirt with its deconstructed, stonewashed shape.


S.S. 2016

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