A.W. 2017/18 Collection


Liborio’s AW17 womenswear collection “Breaking Glass” is unveiled in the resurrection of the iconic tunnel. An ode to the nineties grunge movement and the underground music scene where rules were made to be broken.
A den of sin where your suitings are stolen to feed your sartorial hunger.

Borrowed from the wardrobes of our elders, be this our father’s tuxedo jacket or our grandmother’s blouse, Liborio’s rebellious soul revolutionizes these pieces so they’re ready for the night.

The collection takes you through an exploration of one’s dark side and how far you’ll push the boundaries until the break of dawn. A game of opposites is in play when it comes to the fabric, lines and shapes. Chiffon disobeys its nocturnal habitat when accompanied with wool jersey.

Decorated with the contemporary markings of today’s youth from fringing to ribbons, badges and stars with the signature Di Liborio raw edging. A wardrobe created from the heart of a rebel for the one’s ready to revolt for the night.

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