S.S. 2015 Collection

The Liborio Capizzi SPRING - SUMMER 2015 collection tells of a journey recalling rock and its icons, a stylistic path that traces the borders between male and female, where the three main elements of the collection - shirts, t-shirts and leggings - identify the absence of a true gender.

A mix of material contrasts that oppose the softness of jersey with gossamer silk and the allusive richness of python skin. A thrilling sense of urgency for anything that means experimentation and hybridity, androgyny and ambiguity, starting from an awareness that destruction is not always more dramatic than construction. No “rockism”, no clichés limiting creativity. Saturated with obsessively mixed themes, developed to the limit both from the emotional and the artisanal point of view, this project takes shape in the form of sumptuous creations.


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S.S. 2016

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