S.S. 2016 Collection


The metamorphosis of shapes that have been discovered, deconstructed, cut, opened, moved, folded, rotated, flipped and put back together following original patterns.

Abrasive combinations of rough military canvas, exquisite embroidery of old tablecloths, starched Bruges laces and knitted trimmings from pure white cotton jerseys.

Fluid, fretted, transparent elements and elements that are held together, topstitched and doubled. Technical details of buckles or snap hooks and precious crystal appliqués.

The punk soul and couture aura of a fashion that becomes a game of appropriation, an infringement of existing rules, a “brief apocalypse" regeneration of cuts, proportions, textures, étant donné.

A fashion that has the inimitable imprint of hand-dyed and stone-washed fabrics, cut and shaped with scissor strokes.

Within itself it combines an irregular multi-faceted variety of patinas, textures and consistencies, lengths and widths, constructions and solutions.

It transforms each creation by Liborio Capizzi into an exceptional experience of volumes that open, levitate, rotate and vibrate like wings. And they envelop the body like cocoons.

An alien suggestion of an extraordinary, confusing beauty.


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