S.S. 2017 Collection

The womenswear collection for Spring Summer 2017 by Liborio Capizzi presented for the first time in Paris at Palais de Tokyo in Salle Saut du Loup, is the product of an academic training skillfully modulated with superior craftsmanship and designed to create clothing meant to be impervious to the passage of time. Behind all his creations there is a principle carved on an ancient emerald block "Since all things come from one, by the intercession of one, so all things are born of this one thing by adaptation, taking on new aspects.”

The collection draws its origin from an imaginary white shape free of any embellishment, a schematic base linking parallels and meridians capable, through a creative process, of changing themselves with the silent complicity of the elements: from poplin to jersey, from nappa to organza. It is a universe populated by dynamic geometries animated with an apparently ungoverned changeability in which the vibrations have a rebellious, contemplative nature.

A mystic atmosphere of ritual magic accompanies the perpetual transformation of apparel that, following alchemic laws, acquire their earthly dimensions through the textural weight that renders them unique for their shape and size.

There is enjoyment and not surprise in the passage of the idea as it becomes material and occupies space, in the attention to detail that we find to be the unifying element of all his collections. A voyage of the spirit and body woven into a creation of intrinsic, extraordinary beauty.

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